Stuart Brown

Stuart L. Brown

Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, is the newest member of the board having joined the team of industry experts in 2011. Brown has extensive medical background holding the titles of a medical doctor, psychiatrist and clinical researcher. Throughout his clinical career, he specifically focused on the importance of play within the human life cycle and explored the evolution of human and animal play. Brown has served as clinical director and chief of psychiatry at San Diego’s Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in addition to teaching numerous courses on psychiatry and play at various universities. Brown has produced a three-part PBS series and contributed to over 30 publications in the last 40 years, further demonstrating his dedication to the play industry.

Dr. Joe Frost

Dr. Joe Frost, or otherwise known as the contemporary father of play advocacy, has dedicated 34 years to teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. Frost is recognized around the world for his work in children’s play and play environments, and continues to lead a 30-year-old research program addressed to the field. His contribution to the industry can be seen through numerous publications having authored, co-authored or edited 18 books, several in which have been translated into other languages. He is a former president of the Association for Childhood Education International and has lectured and served as a consultant worldwide. Most recently, he donated an expanding research collection to the University of the Incarnate Word on children’s play and play environments, which was co-sponsored by IPEMA.

Ken Kutska

Ken Kutska

Ken currently serves as the Executive Director of the International Playground Safety Group, LLC. and President of Children and Recreation Environment, Inc., a company that consults on playground safety systems and markets and all-purpose safety surface systems adhesive to use in outdoor environments. For over 35 years, Kutska has dedicated his career to parks and recreation management including serving as the Director of Parks and Planning for Wheaton Park District. Throughout his time leading Wheaton Park District’s safety board, he received numerous awards including the National Award for Excellence four times. He has also served on numerous playground industry boards and committees including, the Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IRPA), the National Park and Recreation Association (NRPA), the NRPA’s National Playground Safety Institute and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) subcommittee on public playground equipment. Ken continues to develop the National Park Association and Recreation’s CPSI Course and Examination in hopes to ensure that every public playground has one well trained and certified staff member dedicated to maintaining the park.

Teri Jendy

Teresa (Teri) Hendy

Teri Hendy has been actively involved as a design and safety consultant to the school, park and recreation industry for the past 20 years. Hendy is president and owner of Site Masters, Inc. (SMI), a design and safety consulting company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having actively worked with the ASTM subcommittees and the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 1987, she brings extensive knowledge of the standards and guidelines that apply to the playground industry. Teri’s expertise in the area of playground safety and design industry is made evident through her recognition as a national author and speaker, along with the numerous awards she has received for her design and contributions to the industry.